Oh hi,

I’m here to help you vote.

STEP 1: Register to vote. (This step took me 3 minutes and 39 seconds.)

Twenty three beautiful states allow you to register to vote online. The other states apparently think the internet is just a “fad.” If your state is not one that allows online registration, you just fill out a paper form (print it out, mail it in. Boom ya done). This website  will tell you if you can do it online or not. Just choose your state in the drop down menu.

NOTE: The one “catch” to voter registration, is that you need to choose your “preferred” political party. If you aren’t sure which political party is for you, step 2 below will help you out!

STEP 2: Figure out who you want to be president. Don’t know who is who? This website will help you wade through the swollen seas of political crap based on a simple series of questions.

STEP 3: VOTE!  Find where to vote, go there on election day, and then fill out the damn ballot. When you get there, you will need to tell them your name and address, and maybe even have an ID. There will probably be about 200 grandparents at your voting location to guide you in the right direction.

When you are done voting, you’ll feel like you are Cru Jones from the hit 1986 movie, “Rad.” Just a small town guy that dominates the race at Helltrack against all odds, and wins over the heart of Lori Loughlin in the process.

Oh and Share GOVOTEDAMMIT.COM with a friend.  Don’t have friends?  Then write it on a wall somewhere.